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Currency Conversion

Just Point The Camera

Real time number scanning plus snapshot that converts all numbers on the screen. Just Point The Camera Currency Conversion.

This is the most advanced, easiest to use and robust currency converter. Just point the camera scanner or use the Snapshot, CurrencyCam does the rest.

Our special algorithms automatically detect all global currency formats so it can be used in any country with ease. And it will automatically detect where you are and what is the local currency.

Also view charts, build watch lists and do manual conversions.


Spreadsheet Capture

Just Point The Camera

Capture spreadsheet data by camera or from your picture library and export directly into your mobile apps or share to desktop spreadsheet apps by saving on the cloud or by email directly from the SheetSnapper app.


Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel data capture and integration on your mobile and desktop devices. The SheetSnapper captured data will work in all common spreadsheet apps. And it is super fast and accurate.

SheetSnapper can generate row and column totals on your captured data automatically either as numbers or as formulas. This saves a lot of time.


FX Watch


Currency Rates

On Your Wrist

Stand alone watch app to display market currency rates in watch lists.

Pre-configured watch lists come with the app and you can create your own watch lists too.

FX Watch uses all global currencies and accesses live market rates.

Base Currency style watch lists contain a set of currencies all marked to a single base currency. You can change the base currency in the list just by tapping any code.

Pairs style watch lists contain related pairs with rates both ways for each pair.

All lists are editable on the watch.

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